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who we are

About Thai American Association of Florida

At TAA, we create a vibrant tapestry of Thai culture right here in the heart of Florida, where traditions thrive and a strong sense of community flourishes. Our unwavering dedication drives us to champion Thai interests, fuel economic growth, and advocate for uplifting policies. Working alongside diverse organizations at international, national, state, and local levels, we join hands to shape a brighter future. 


Community and Culture: Uniting for Memorable Events


Service & Advocacy Driven Fundraising

Our mission

To advocate for the advancement of Thai interests, ensuring fair and equitable treatment and representation for Thai Americans in all aspects of society and to promoting cultural exchange, social connections, mutual support and to promote understanding and appreciation between Thai and other communities fostering a more inclusive and diverse society; as well as to preserve and promote Thai culture and heritage by educating the public about Thai traditions, values, and contributions to society.

Our vision

At our very essence, we deeply value cultural immersion and are committed to providing unparalleled services to our community. Our firm belief in nurturing authentic connections allows us to foster understanding and respect for the remarkable talents and contributions of Asian cultures. As we embark on an enriching journey through diverse landscapes, we joyfully uncover hidden treasures that illuminate a world where boundless appreciation thrives. 


Our story

Majority of us hail from a small island in South Asia, a place brimming with rich culture and deep-rooted morals. As new immigrants to America, we have overcome numerous challenges. Now, fueled by the desire to assist our fellow souls, we are here to extend a helping hand.

Our Board

Dedicated Supporters of Our Community


Somsak Moolisiri

Vice President

Phonethip “Tai” Vaz

Nipawan Root


Tipayawa Lewis


Podchara Jittaleela

Senior Advisors

Khanya Moolsiri

Phadungpund, Prapasi

Phadungpund, Thavorn

Whitcomb, Kai

Board of Directors

Chanthasone Peth

Chanthasone Peul

Jittaleela, Podchara

Korattana, Suwat

Lewis, Tipayawa

Lanamkum, Chada

Mahler, Surasvadee

Moolsiri, Somsak

Moolsiri, Khanya

Nangkal, Saravuth

Phadungpund, Prapasi

Phaksim Pu Patama

Phoodej, Ketgow

Romeo, Varaporn

Root, Nipawan

Supaporn, Anthika

Sutjapolnukul, Lynn

Thtisupudom, Montana

Vaz, Phonethip (Tai)

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